Flow - Issue 13

Flow - Issue 13

* Interview
Gretchen Rubin’s pursuit of happiness resulted in three bestselling books and a succesful blog. Yet, the American author doesn’t feel any pressure to be happy or to feel any other way than how she does.

* 24 hours in nature
Wandering through nature, from sunrise to sundown, with no plan, no telephone and no watch. Journalist Caroline Buijs went on a Muir track and shares her experience.

* Ode to imbalance
A balanced life seema like the most desirable objective of our times. But why? Does it really make us any happier? Journalist Otje van der Lelij doubts it, and pleads for a little more upheaval.

* Frida Kahlo
The life and art of the free spirited Mexican artist Frida Kahlo were full of passion.

* Hooray, I missed a party
Constantly stressing out over the fact that she might miss out on something, journalist Maja Beckers wonders how to change this.

* One-letter-a-day booklet
* Labels

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