Mino Notebook - Prism Dark Grey

Mino Notebook - Prism Dark Grey
Mino Notebook - Prism Dark Grey Mino Notebook - Prism Dark Grey Mino Notebook - Prism Dark Grey
The best characteristic of this notebook is its lightness compared to standard notebooks using western paper. Each surface of the front and back of the paper has different textures, so you can choose a preferable side for different purposes. The front side is flat and smooth, and comfortable to write on with pen or fountain pen. The textured side is suitable for use with soft pencil or pastel. The pages are not lined and versatile for various usages.

The front and back cover is made slightly larger than the pages inside to prevent corners to crease inside of bags

Mino 3120 paper is a high quality paper with unique watermarked patterns making them decorative and lace-like. The paper is versatile as it can be used to write on as well as suitable for wrapping small gifts. It is also possible to print on them with inkjet or laser printer.

The name is derived from the province of Mino in Japan where the paper is manufactured. The Mino region is blessed with pure spring water which is used in the production of the paper, in line with its traditional paper-making heritage.3120 Watermark is used on all pages.

Design : Prism
Colour : Dark Grey
Size L : 105 (w) x 210 (h) mm
Content : 60 sheets


MINO 3120
Product Code:
MIN NB Prism Dark Grey
Dimensions(L W H):
10.5 cm x 21 cm x 0 cm
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