Desiderata Vol. 4

Desiderata Vol. 4

The Food Issue – Desiderata Vol.4

"Find something you're passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it."- Julia Child

In all of its delicious and delightful glory, we’ve often found ourselves getting together to revel, converse, and connect around a hot, hearty meal. So in this volume, we’re bringing you an assemblage of local expertise; the people behind the kitchen and the cooking. We delve into the pleasures of a good home cooked meal delivered straight to you in tiffins as concocted by Ili of the Dish by Ili fame; we look into preserving the rich heritage and flavours of Baba and Nyonya cuisine from a sparkling conversation with Uncle John; examine the emerging trend of selling food from trucks from the busy boys of Theboysfood Food Truck; and immersed ourselves in the joy of growing our own food right in the middle of the urban jungle with the nifty duo behind Eat, Shoots and Roots. This, including so many other appetizing stories from home cooks or simply food lovers, can be found within the pages of volume 4.

Some of the stories included:

  • Tastes of Malaysia in a nutshell. We had a look our local food such as Nasi Lemak, Banana Leaf Rice, Dimsum and more

  • Beautiful place Berkelah Falls, The highest Mount Kinabalu, Travelogue Cotton Castle, Pamukkale and more.

  • Interviews with local food enthusiast: Dishbyili, The Table Project, KenduriTV, Dr Ezani Masterchef and more.

  • Going beyond the usual coffee joints with our cafe directory segment.

  • Illustration by Ruby Subramaniam and Tiara Awatif.

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