Frankie Magazine - Issue 71

Frankie Magazine - Issue 71
Frankie Magazine - Issue 71 Frankie Magazine - Issue 71 Frankie Magazine - Issue 71 Frankie Magazine - Issue 71

As a special bonus, it comes with one of two super-nifty collectable art cards from Caitlin Shearer and Georgia Perry to pretty up your surroundings, as well as all the usual ace photography, quirky reads, interesting folk, DIY fun times and laugh-out-loud bits. Inside you’ll find the prize possessions of some of our favourite creative types (and the stories that go along with them), a Young Australian of the Year who is fifth-generation deaf, the extremely important history of fairy hoaxes, and a whole lot of snuggly coats for winter. We ponder chin hair and conspiracy theories and periods – at length – then learn how to make an ice-cream themed scarf, how to be an ace aunt or uncle and how to explain astrophysics with stuff you can find in the kitchen. There’s a trip to the beaches of Tunisia and another to the ladies of Botswana’s heavy metal scene, with a detour through an ex-biscuit factory that is now Iceland’s cutest hostel, a German crafter who’s obsessed with meat and a chat with an Australian lass making chocolate in Peru. We meet a lady who turned her dad’s record collection into a new business and another whose bad tattoo removal experience inspired a whole new career. Plus there’s poetry collections for people who think they might not like poetry at all, and recipes for food you can make out of beer. Oh, and lots of pretty things to look at and nice things to do and reasons to guffaw out loud, too. Hope you like it very much.

Frankie Press
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FRA 71
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21 cm x 27.5 cm x 1 cm
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