Frankie Magazine - Issue 72

Frankie Magazine - Issue 72
Frankie Magazine - Issue 72 Frankie Magazine - Issue 72 Frankie Magazine - Issue 72 Frankie Magazine - Issue 72

The team asked their favourite creative ladies to pretty up 10 pairs of grey socks – and the results include fairy bread, pinata fringing and a poodle. (You can bid on them, too, if you fancy – with all proceeds going to ALNF!) They chat with ’90s icon Shirley Manson about ageing, feminism and why being normal sucks, and have a little chinwag with the blokes of Aunty Donna, who tell us they’re useless at everything except comedy. There’s some rather dapper dogs modelling cold-weather accessories, a look at made-up words (including the beautiful language of Klingon), a yummy recipe for congee, and a completely scientific round-up of drinks that send you off to sleepy land. There are musings on the strange unisex appeal of netball, the (potential) terribleness of housemates and why crying in public is sometimes just… necessary. The team meet some designers tarting up taxis in Mumbai, a Canadian lady who found her vintage muse via some photos and doodads in an old trunk, a Polish artist making a painted movie about van Gogh, and a dude who’s made it his mission to feed sandwiches to hungry schoolkids. Plus: musical chitchat with Bat for Lashes and White Lung, loads of actually cute Australiana, a sweet vintage home visit at a place called Swan Lake, a salute to cinematic icon Pam Grier, and all the usual laughs, arty bits, real-life reads and general silliness you’ve come to expect. Hope you enjoy!

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